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Marche region in its tradition and culture has always contributed to the production of a special barley for malting, able to ensure a good starting product.

The product is a non-pasteurized and unfiltered one, able to keep the elements that contribute to create the organoleptic profile, very rich in aromas and flavors.

The craft brewers use natural ingredients, the “agricultural brewery” introduction allowed them to also use barley and hops from the area.

The beer is mainly produced with barley malt and / or wheat malt (sometimes with other malted cereals too), these are some basic elements that with hops, yeasts and the pure water from the Sibillini mountains will create a unique final product.

The raw materials selection is the only secret ingredient, together with passion, that guarantee of an excellent quality product.
Our tour provide the a visit to the laboratory, where the various stages of processing and the history of the Brewery will be explained with care. Then a tasting of the various types of beer.
Let yourself be guided by the different smell of hops, malt and yeast that you will never forget!


✓ Guided tour of the brewery

✓ Tasting of the various types of beer

✓ Possibility to buy the tasted products at unique prices

Price per Person from € 30.00 (minimum 4 participants)
The price doesn’t include VAT.


✓ Meeting Point – Office Tu.Ris.Marche – Piazza Mazzini, 31 Petritoli

✓ Arrival at the brewer

✓ Guided tour of the craft workshop

✓ Explanation of process and brewery history

✓ Beer tasting

✓ Back to the meeting point

✓ Duration: about 2-3 hours

MORNING: from 9:00am to 12:00 am
AFTERNOON: from 4:00pm to 7:00pm

*Timetables may vary depending on the needs of the participants; Everyday tour schedule; Activities timetable can change according to weather conditions.



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