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The historical re-enactment of the harvest and vino cotto (cooked wine).

The freshly harvested grapes from the vineyard are inserted into a tub. After having washed the feet in a basin of water with flower petals, a group of people enter in the tub to start pressing grapes with the rhythm of folk music. The must is then inserted into a copper boiler, placed over a rudimentary oven, ready to start the cooking time. during the pressing time Brief explanations will be given on the history of this type of vinification and on the millennial history of cooked wine, whose origins date back to ‘ancient Rome.
Next step will be the plentiful banquet, where guests can taste foods prepared with ancient local recipes, which were used during the harvest period. After the banquet the folkloristic dances begin, in particular the “Saltarello marchigiano” and the guests, helped by the dancers, will be able to learn and enjoy this dance.

Recommended for: Adults and children.


✓ Grape stomping

✓ Traditional music

✓ Buffet with typical recipes from the grape harvesting time

✓ Traditional dances

Price per person from € 60 (Minimum 50 people)
The price doesn’t include VAT.


✓   Meeting Point – Office Tu.Ris.Marche – Piazza Mazzini, 31 Petritoli

✓   Arrival to the farm

✓   Harvesting of the grapes

✓   Grape stomping in groups, accompanied by traditional music

✓   Banquet of the traditional dishes

✓   Dancing with the local dancers and folk music

✓   Duration: about 4-5 hours

MORNING: from 10:00am to 3:00pm

* Timetables may vary depending on the needs of the participants; Everyday tour schedule; Activities timetable can change according to weather conditions.


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