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This project is part of paths already activated and tested in the area aimed to sustain and develop tourism and cultural promotion. A marketing strategy defined “relational” is used, due to its ability to enhance certain specific elements that characterize the territory of Gal Fermano from tourism, food and wine, cultural, environmental, human and productive system and receptive sides.

The most important element of this model is the quality of all relations. The relations’ quality concerns both welcoming methods, and production method of food, wine and agricultural products as also their relation with the environment (respect for the environment and the seasons / rhythms) and with the historical-cultural heritage.

This project proposes the concept of the Mediterranean Diet to favour an integrated tourism development of the territory that – together with the poetic figure “In the Reign of the Apennine Sibyl” – represent in a synthetic and direct way the concept of “territory of qualities”.

In this way the project is aimed to sustain the socio-economic development of the territory, through the enhancement, strengthening and networking of local dynamics and local cultural heritage, the creation of synergies with tourism and production sector, attention to the environment and promotion sustainable development models.

This project aims to strength processes of enhancement and rediscovery of tangible and intangible heritage, of the territory, identifying existing paths that link places already known and frequented with the rediscovery of minor places and / or monuments spread throughout the territory.


Nature, Cultur, Fermo Province food and wine. Project of territorial marketing.


✓Promote a coordinated image of the Fermo area that evoke a ​​quality territory idea, with its specific characteristics

✓ To favour and strength the creation of collaboration among subjects involved in the typical products and tourism-cultural products promotion, while experimenting actions and events with intersectoral and territorial nature

✓ Promotion and development of collaborative networks to affirm strategies directed to tourism and agri-food products quality

✓ Promoting the territory and rural environment growth of Fermo area as a product-destination Marche through a promotion and positioning on international and local market


Promotional actions for typical food and wine, typical products, cultural heritage, environmental and landscape in an integrated and / or innovative method

Actions to promote tourist Marche itineraries

Actions for local products enhancement, actions for an associated participation with useful events to promote direct contact with the consumer / tourist

Integrated promotional actions in the tourist accommodation system of the area


Leader of the project is the Cooperative Tu.Ris.Marche composed by active young people in tourism-cultural promotion field. Its actions started by winning a tender of the Marche Region.

Agritur-Aso is an association already operating since many years, that involves directly and indirectly farms and rural accommodation facilities.

Quaderni Montegiorgesi association has experience in cultural field and the promotion of local historical heritage.

Laboratory of the Mediterranean Diet is an association appears as the favourite partner for the brand development and the image of the project, together with the association “Chefs of Fermo area” that offers skills and a network of relationships in the territory with great value


The action organization, involves initiatives directed to promote, make known and communicate in Italy and abroad, the quality of the territory through the “Mediterranean diet” brand, as an ideal container of culture, landscape-environment, food and wine and community life quality.

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