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The Cooperative Tu.Ris.Marche was “born” in October 2014 and, to date, has received much recognition.

Tu.Ris.Marche is a group of young people who joined forces and entered the working world for the first time..

What better way to do this than to conceive  an effective system for promoting and raising awareness of the rich historical, cultural, environmental, enogastronomic  heritage the Marche Region boasts?

The founders of the group are Andrea Marsili, Danilo Federici and Francesco Marinucci. The three  young men participated in a regional tender in June 2014 and  ranked high in the Regional  initiative “I Giovani c’entrano”, part of the Regional project “GIOVANI IDEE” (young ideas).

The goals of the tender were: Promotion and enhancement of all historical and cultural assets of the Marche Region; to promote the creation of endeavors in certain exclusive areas of interest that combine with the enhancement of the regional territory.

We can affirm that the Marche Region has all the conditions for tourism to become one of its principal resources.

Thre Tu.Ris.Marche project which won was called: “Un Monumento, Un’Azienda” (A Monument, A Farm)

The aim of this project is to increase visibility of a farm or vineyard and a cultural asset (in Le  Marche) which has been abandoned or is in a state of neglect.

The idea of putting together a monument and and farm or vineyard is not random. The message we want to get across is that both are part of the historical-cultural heritage of a territory.

Our role, as a Cooperative offering  Tourism Services, is to create events that will bring people to the two places, and in addition to the economic benefits this brings, it offers a new interpretation of our territory, not only to tourists that come from afar, but also to the local population.

“Un Monumento un’ Azienda”, a project which was conceived, planned and in part, financed by the Regione Marche, is managed by the Coop. “Tu.Ris.Marche.

The basis of our project is the enhancement of these aspects, which are strong points of our territory.

Working with agriturisms, farms and owners of cultural assets that participate in the project, we will organize mini  “SENSORY” itineraries called “A Landmark and a farm”, which will consist of a guided tour of a landmark followed by a stop at a nearby farm to sample their food and wines and other handcrafted products.

The goal is to publicise Le Marche region with all the local products” – Tu.Ris.Marche


Guided tour of the Museum “ Antichi Mestieri” and Casale Vitali Winery.

Guided tour of the Church “San Tommaso Becket” and Cardocchia Winery.

Guided tour of the Tower “Ghibellina of Ortezzano” and Catalini Farm.

Guided tour of the Church of “Santa Maria dell’Olmo” and Agripompei Farm.

Guided tour of the Church “San Paolino” and Bonfigli Farm,

Guided tour of  the Church “Santa Maria in Muris” and Fontegranne Farm.


Guided tour of  the Church “S. Crocifisso” and Organic Farm Foglini Amurri.


Guided tour of  the Church “S. Maria della Liberata” and Organic Farm Foglini Amurri.

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