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Meetings, clearly, can take place anywhere, and wouldn't it be nice to see your coworkers lounging on the grass with their shoes off?

Tom Hodgkinson

The hamlet Village of Petritoli is an innovative destination that stands out from the conventional Weddings’ Venue.

It is a new concept of spending time together where guests have the opportunity to live as a local in an active community of an authentic Italian Medieval village.The guests become neighbors, floor mates and most importantly best friends.

It is located in a stunning panorama, composed by hills, mountains and the Adriatic sea, in an unspoiled region of Central Italy called Le Marche.
An entire Medieval Village can be the canvas of your most important day where history and art come together and where the charm of the Italian lifestyle leaves you with a new experience and a story to tell.
After the second cappuccino, you become a local, the notion of tourist cease to exist.
For a real traveler looking for an alternative where restaurants have no bi-lingual menus, the shops still have home made products and the local people always remember your name. Le Marche Region and in particular the Village of Petritoli is the place where to go.
Perfectly hidden from the beaten track of mass tourism there are no souvenirs shops, no threatening parking tickets, no jungle of warning signs, no tricky restaurants or pressing vendors.

It is this rare authentic contest/environment of the True Italy that many visitors find pleasing and most importantly discovering the sweet manner of the people that leave you with the feeling that this place is truly special.
There are 22 accommodations in the village that can host comfortably about 150 guests with a choice of cozy and charming lodging. No cars are needed as everything is at walking distance, for every wedding the entire village is closed off to make setting exclusive, unique and importantly yours.
These Several factors lead young couples to choose Petritoli as a romantic setting for their big day saying the fateful “I do”, or “Ja, Egy, Jedne, Oui…” in this tiny corner of paradise. It’s no wonder that this precious Wedding City has conceived a “wedding system”, a sort of public-private network that provides comprehensive specialized support to satisfy the needs of all our guests, based on the requests of the couple to-be.
The experience is unique, and makes visitors long to return to this magical village or stay for long stretches. Following several requests, the local Administration drafted special guidelines for private use of the most evocative corners of the village.Among these ‘il Teatro dell’Iride’, ‘Piazza della Rocca’ where cocktails and banquets are served by candlelight, the spectacular balcony of the Civic Tower where photographers create spellbinding images and the spacious Orto dell’Asilo (Nursery School Garden) from which you can take in the thrilling panorama.

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